Seaside new homes at Cliffdwellers Nevis

New luxury properties for sale on Nevis from just $725,000

Seaside, new homes at Cliffdwellers, is a luxury development of just fourteen unique villas, set above the ocean, and with views over to St kitts.
The beautiful West Indian architectural design, and features, has been successfully worked into modern living. This has created perhaps the ultimate holiday home on Nevis.
You have it all here:

  • Tax benefiits, with qualification for economic citizenship and reduced sales tax if you decide to sell
  • Beautiful views over the sea to St Kitts
  • Safety, security, privacy and comfort
  • Fantastic for rental income

Several properties have already been sold at Seaside, and the development is now in its final phase.

Currently, Seaside at Cliffdwellers has properties for sale; ranging from a two bedroom home at $725,000 to a four bedroom home at $1.45 million.

The financial benefits offered when buying a property at Seaside, Cliffdwellers, are well worth considering when choosing where to buy.

  • The properties will not require a payment of the 10 percent Aliaen Land Holding Licence Fee
  • Stamp Duty on the sales price will be paid by the developer
  • Your property will only be liable for 5 percent  to be paid by the seller on a subsequent sale
  • If you buy at Seaside, you will be entitled to qualify for Economic Citizenship. This will entitle you to apply for a Nevis passport.
  • If you decide to rent your property out, you will be entitled to buy duty-free furniture packages





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